Integrated, secure and
optimized opportunity management.

With the goal to facilitate efficient management of organizational talent and resources, ExpertWithin is a
transformational tool that reduces time to market and project costs while increasing performance capabilities.

Encourage creativity and propel productivity

Workflow management that streamlines productivity channels between HR, managers and experts
for advanced and effective employment of skillset.

Your experts will maximize their competence and sharpen their proficiency by locating with ease and applying to the opportunities best suited to their skills and requirements.

As an admin , your HR capabilities are augmented with the ability to create and manage global data, grant authorization along with reporting for necessary visibility.

As Opportunity creators, your managers can seek out compelling candidates for projects using unique parameters. ExpertWithin is also effective in the viewing, selection and reporting of applicants.

Collaborated workflows for result-oriented processes
and rewarding outcomes.

Automated skill-based profiling and matching.

Role mobility, rapid iteration, and continuous learning.

Reduce cost by applying in-house talent.

Productive and profitable relationship with your employees.